Dr. J├╝rgen Gerl

Dr. Gerl is presently the head of the Gamma Spectroscopy Department at GSI (Laboratory for the Research of Heavy Ions) in Darmstadt, Germany (http://www.fair-center.eu/public/what-is-gsi.html). He is since 2010 the manager of NUSTAR (NUclear STructure, Astrophysics and Reactions) (http://www.fair-center.eu/for-users/experiments/nustar.html) Project at FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ions Research in Europe) (http://www.fair-center.eu).

He has collaborated as member of the Steering Commitees of pretty much all the main developments on the use of gamma rays in nuclear structure research, (AGATA, RISING, PRESPEC, MINIBALL, EXOGAM, PARIS, SPIRAL-2). Dr. Gerl's CV lists three main areas of activity

in which fields he has more than 250 publications and 6 filed patents.

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